Back to the future to the White House.

On November 4, 2016, a faction of the US Big Capital unveiled to the world the name of its new president recruited to direct its political affairs and manage its economic interests to the government of the United States of America. On November 4, 2016, another faction of the American big capital was amazed that their candidate, winning throughout the electoral masquerade, was beaten by an upstart, billionaire, animator of shows of reality TV, saying that the world of the spectacle leads at any rate, if they remain there. Please note that the choice of Hillary or of Donald did not matter much to the American hegemonic class, except to maintain the principle of alternation (Democrat – Republican) surrounding the myth of the fetish state.

Indeed, the laws of capitalist political economy are unstoppable and merciless, and they impose themselves inexorably, whatever the personality of the administrator of the affairs of the State designated to occupy the Oval Office. But this Donald, the political neophyte, will take a hundred days to learn it, let us follow him in the meanders of the White House.

Let us resume the results that we presented following this election “On the November 4 the US electoral farce ended in terror for the faction of the financial capital of the East Coast and in rejoice for industrial and military cartel, having forged and led to the pinnacle his war horse “the unpredictable anti-establishment candidate” (sic), the so-called self-made-man (sic) framed and directed by those who have chosen and sacred by the populace of voters after a year of disconcerting campaign, a succession of recantations and a billion dollars of electoral expenses in favor of populist “democracy” (sic).

Immediately a second race against the clock was engaged for the pugilist, happy to accomplish the mission assigned to him by his clan, to redirect the US political economy in order to bring the recalcitrant allies back into the hands of the superpower and frighten the emerging competitors” (1).

There is nothing wrong with this assessment.

The animated enthronement.

Only on January 20, 2017 the 45th elected director of government affairs at the service of the Big capital was enthroned, replacing the Nobel Peace Prize, Barack Obama, proved criminal war. Formerly, Donald Trump had amused himself by frightening the American bobos and the foreign governments by signing decrees, usually without effect, and by “twitting” his feelings on social networks, terrifying the petty bourgeoisie of the country (the wage slaves, at work or unemployed, do not have the time to play “twitter” totally occupied that they are to work for their money).

The mythical alternation for the control of the fetish state.

A few days before the enthronement, we repeated this principle of capitalist economy-politics “The 45th president of the United States of America will soon be inducted, sworn, armed with papers, giving him legitimacy and assigning the “full powers” falling to his charge … and after? Afterwards, “Business as Usual” (…) a President of the United States is nothing more or less than the link of a chain that imprisons the whole American nation (…) so that it is the hegemonic capitalist class that is in power through its political literary hacks. (…) After the electoralist rhetoric presented to the losers to attract them, these poor people who work hard and are always ready to fight with those who oppress them, now that this salad of the popular billionaire gave the expected votes, that it was gulped down and carried the fair figurehead in the Capitol, it’s time to turn to serious matters… the attack against the American proletariat”(2).

The problem with this political neophyte is that he did not understand his mission, and he ventured to question the historic alliance with Allied and competing Germany), the military agreement with the NATO (which the US is funding heavily), to hope for a rapprochement with Russia – to detach it from China – to wish to withdraw from Syria to lead a real war to DAESH (a creature of the NSA), to shake its historical allies in the Persian Gulf and those of NAFTA in America, and to over-vilify the China, main competitor of declining American imperialism. A training program for the rabbin was therefore necessary. The FBI and the CIA were ordered to do it.

We reaffirm that a Head of State, whether President of the United States (of France or of Russia), is only a pawn in the grip of complex and gigantic state governance, expressly forged to ensure that the Big capital maintains its hegemony first over the economic,powet and then over the political, social, military, diplomatic, media and ideological one, and this, beyond the vicissitudes and uncertainties of a constitutionally ephemeral presidency. It is Donald Trump who will have to adapt to the demands of “the deep state” and not vice versa. This term “deep state” is an euphemism to indicate the immense fetish state apparatus that has been adopted by all societies governed by the capitalist mode of production.

From the deep state.

One writer described in these termes the process of adjusting the power of virtual presidential stewardship to his real power of governance: “Candidate , desirous of putting an end to the American interference abroad, Trump was foreseeing a new policy in Syria. But he is in dire straits since his election. The neoconservative and neo-liberal establishment, master of the “deep state”, of the intelligence services and the media, is challenging this intruder by constant allegations of culpable acquaintances with Russia. The president would be in the pay of the foreigner. A sword of Damocles hangs over his head, exposing him to blackmail, not of Russia, but of his opponents who smell the impeachment. The operation consists in bringing him to heel and going back where,otherwise,rings the victory bells. […] The struggle on the top is merciless. Trump goes from failure to failure. Besieged, the vice is closing himself around him, he dropped collaborators despised by the neocons, first Flynn in February, then Bannon two days before the attack against Syria. By bombing Syria, Trump makes a volteface and adopts the policy of his opponents to ease the pressure they exert on him. Has he become the tamed performer of the “deep state” or is it just a gesticulation of a desperate one?”(3).

As the billionaire said, “I thought it would be easier” (4). In fact, the man of the Oval Office is not at the end of his troubles, and before the end of his sentence (4 well years counted unless …) he risks of understanding that an electoral campaign is only a masquerade which aims at mobilizing the pagans and the bobos in order to compromise them by choosing the buffoon (Democrat or Republican) who will steward for and in the name of the big banking and fiduciary capital, the rest is “Business as Usual” whoever is the personality of the tenant of the White House (as well as at the Elysee).

Fortunately, the American proletarian class (as the French working class has demonstrated recently) is becoming more and more acquainted with the mantle of left-wing and right-wing mocks and is totally uninterested in the electoralistic “boucane show” in which participates the leftist brotherhood (5).


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Traduction   by Claudio Buttinelli. Roma.

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