Terrorist attack in Beirout against Iranian ambassy/


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Terrorist attack in Beirout against Iranian ambassy/

PCN-TV with RT – PCN-SPO / 2013 11 19/

PCN-TV - RT daily news 032 (2013 11 19) ENGL

The Russian TV channel ‘RT’ daily news – former Russia Today – for an alternative information to the dual language, double standards, lies and propaganda of the NATO’s medias …

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Main topics of the day:

TERRORIST ATTACK IN BEIROUT: A double bombing targets the Iranian embassy in Beirut, leaving dozens dead and scores injured, and the number of victims is expected to grow;

DRONES IN YEMEN: As the civilian death toll from deadly U.S. drone strikes in Yemen mounts, RT manages to reach one remote village to see the effects first hand. The U.S. drone war on terror is missing its mark, with human rights groups reporting mounting civilian deaths – RT travels to a Yemeni village to hear first-hand accounts;

Moscow is optimistic about the upcoming nuclear talks with Iran saying there’s a ‘real chance’ of hammering out a deal despite staunch opposition from France and Israel;

Terrifying video of a Boeing 737 nosediving to earth in Tatarstan raises more questions as flight data recorders are delivered to Moscow for analysis.

And, real records for a virtual currency – Bitcoin peaks at 900 dollars, after it’s named a ‘legitimate financial service’ at a U.S. Senate hearing.





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