The popular indifference.

Following our recent editorial on the similarities between capitalism and populist socialism  we received this comment from Theo:

The Popular indifference explains everything. Ordinary people do not confuse socialism and capitalism, left and right, they do not care! As they counterfeit Liberal, Conservative, Democratic or Republican shenanigans, LREM or FN, referendums, wars, the announced stock market crash, extraterrestrials, Nostradamus, the Apocalypse or the theory of evolution. The only motive that brings people together in a common movement is the harm done to children by bloodless beings devoid of humanity. This is called: Pizzagate / Pedogate and the heads began to fall following the last “Executive Order” of Donald Trump. The CEOs of large firms are resigning by the dozen and several well-known characters are fleeing abroad. Even abroad they are in danger because this “Order” threatens the foreign assets of seizures on presumption of collusion with these criminals of the worst kind”.

This is all wrong, Theo.

People are not indifferent to all the misfortunes that afflict those from below, just as much as those from above, however, people are aware of their helplessness and the media in the pay (media people, formatting, and of governance), as well as the servant politicians, regularly remind them that they must be silent and that they will have the chance, one day, to faintly protest at the next “bourgeois democratic”

electoral masquerade where ten cowards will offer them all the same phony “solutions” that have never worked to reform this disembodied tub and remedy its multiple injustices.

The petty-bourgeois agitation over the concentration of capital.

Thus, lately we have published an article on the concentration of wealth in capitalist societies (1).    Economists and reformist indignant experts, in the footsteps of all Piketty, Landais, Saez, Chancel, Zucman and Stiglitz (3) of this world, worry for their safety, because, they say: “the rise of inequalities for decades is not only deeply unfair, but also dangerous for the stability of our societies. Clearly, the economists at the service of the rich warn against the social unrest and the workers’ uprisings that could lead to these inequities (4).

Let us reassure these cowards, it is not the inequalities in the distribution of wealth (of the despoiled proletarian surplus value) that will provoke the social disorders and the movements of popular revolts. These revolts will take place when those from below, the people of the working classes and the proletarian classes will not earn enough money by working to ensure the reproduction of the social work force as sensed by the authors of the article: “And again, the global numbers tend to hide some developments. We are thinking here of  the decommissioning of a majority of the American population, whose incomes have gone down over the last 40 years, as the figures shared by Emmanuel Saez showed “(5). You now know on what policy is based this formidable ability of resilience of American big capital despite its catastrophic economic situation. It is besides this “American model“, which Trump is consolidating, that the other capitalist countries are trying to implant at them (Macron, Merkel, Trudeau, Xi Jinping, Putin, etc.).

Obviously, unemployment and precariousness in employment will be causes of this massive impoverishment of national proletariats, as the researchers say: “a conclusion  of the McKinsey report on automation points out that no less than 800 million jobs are threatened (disappearance in the near future Editor’s note)”  (6).

In other words, the envy and jealousy in front of the good fortune of the multibillionaires is a petty-bourgeois tropism of the go-left that does not affect the working class, which as long as it benefits from what is necessary for the needs of the family does not claim more (7). It is from the moment when the mode of production – the economic system – will no longer allow its survival that the proletarian class will revolt and rise up to protest against its impoverishment and deskilling, regardless of how much money has been accumulated by rich, who, do not forget, will lose their fortune on the day of the great financial crash announcing the Great Depression.

It is another illusion – or mystification – that affects the reformist and opportunist petty-bourgeois circles that two co-authors of the report on income inequality formulated in an interview: Mr. Lucas Chancel and Gabriel Zucman, point out that the rise in inequalities is not inevitable, it is the result of political choices (8).

What is entirely false. The concentration of capital (wealth) is inherent in the capitalist mode of production, and all the countries of the planet are affected by this mimicry. The popular saying is that “you must spend coins to receive coins“. In the business community, we know that capital sucks capital. The banker is aware that by issuing and lending money, at high interest rates, he captures and drains the currency into his pockets. All are aware of these misdeeds and yet nothing is done by the porters (right and left) to stop this inexorable capitalistic movement.

Regularly, we are reminded of the cliché that the rich are richer and the poor are poorer and that we have to live with them because we can not help it. In fact, if the media in the pay broadly disseminate this information on the extravagant fortunes is to make it more aware to the country bumpkins that it is so and that everyone must take its part … Resign you phantasies seems to drool the literary hacks of service exacerbating our patience of exploited.

The ranting on tax evasion.

The same is true of “cases” of tax evasion and tax shelters. Thus, the “Paradise Papers” succeed to the “Panama Papers” under the frustrated gaze of the paralyzed go-left (9). Some NGOs even make the subject of their intervention and invite the plebs to sign futile petitions to appeal to the administrations responsible for these malpractices to pay attention … what the governance of the rich can obviously prevent if it is not is to hunt down small savers and impoverished rentiers. Here too, the media on the pay offer a wide coverage to these “business” which are pretexts for dazzling outpourings of political sycophants who know nothing about doing but crushing. And so the Grand Capital teaches the populace that it must shut up and let braying.

Balance Your Pig” and “Pizzagate“.

Let’s come to this fight about pedophilia and the hunt for sexual predators whose feminist go-left is so crazy. Let’s just have this media campaign. The media make their cabbage on order of the lords of capital. And they make believe that the people are behind them. In fact, all this is only fratricidal war in the enemy camp. A clan, the “Trumpist” reactionary puritans found it judicious to attack the clan of pseudo progressive libertarian populists of the feminist left by where they preached. The bugs of the sacristy who are accusing and raging at the moment will tomorrow be the accused and their fortune will be “nationalized” and our children will always be in danger. As for women, we believe that the workers of Saint-Henri PQ, are very unlikely to be attacked by the “Hogs of Hollywood or Washington” and their neighborhood assailants are very unlikely to end up in one of the media or under lock and key. All this is only a settlement of accounts between rival clans for the control of the capitalist state apparatus. After a few heavy blows from the Democrat clan, the Republican clan replies as expected. There is nothing interesting here for the revolutionary working class.

What to remember from the media circus.

What must be remembered from this media fair on various fanciful themes is that the laws of capitalist political economy apply in its entirety; that the servant politicians are only puppets to whom the billionaires’ media grant hearing or not provided that they just sing and participate in the big media circus. Above all, that no credibility should be accorded to the nonsense of these depraved and that, in the end, no Theo,

the indifference is not the trademark of the workers, but rather the feeling of powerlessness of which they will emancipate themselves with the crisis announced and their patience exacerbated


  1. Inequalities
  1. A group of economists has just published the first global study on the subject, from 1980 to 2016. A major contribution to a debate more than necessary. First alarming observation: 27% of global growth went to 1% of the population. When the incomes of global upper middle class (western middle class) have risen by about 40% since 1980, those of the 0.01% have increased by more than 100%, and those of the 0.001% by more than 200%, the famous “elephant curve”.


  1. “According to a report, the richest 1% benefited twice as much from the income growth as the poorest 50%. And between the two incomes have stagnated or decreased». 
    Learn more about .99

  1. In a recent article, the French Communist Revolutionary Party presented ten figures that revolt its militants, including the rising of incomes of the rich. 

Https:// -of-rich-200192

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