British GCHQ and NSA


 Central topic: British GCHQ and NSA, close twins/

PCN-TV with RT – PCN-SPO / 2013 11 07/

 The Russian TV channel ‘RT’ daily news – former Russia Today – for an alternative information to the dual language, double standards, lies and propaganda of the NATO’s medias …PCN-TV - RT daily news 020 (2013 11 07) ENGL.JPG

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The fallout from mass surveillance revelations forces UK intelligence chiefs to make an historic televised public appearance – we look at what to expect. So Britain’s turn to explain: The country’s intelligence chiefs face public questioning on just how close they were to America’s spy agency, and its notorious intrusions…;

An ironic fact comparing the rights of the inmates to ones of the reptiles’. We report from Guantanamo Bay on how the millions of dollars spent on recreation conflict with what detainees say are tailor-made torture methods;

A high-altitude handover – the Sochi Olypmic torch reaches the ISS after a historic launch from the Baikonour cosmodrome.



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