First refusal to play the game of the ecologist consensus.

A few weeks ago Donald Trump , on tour in Europe, broke a first consensus cleverly orchestrated among the globalized capitalist class. The US President has repudiated the climate agreement in Paris (COP 21) by dozens of politicians who are eager to sanction the taxpayers who are “irresponsible”, “guilty” of global warming (1). Through his highly publicized gesture, the most “people” man on the planet snatched the mask from the peripatetic “global warming” and exposed the scam of popular surcharges destined for billion-dollar multinationals. Why did this wealthy man refuse to play the big ecological game like the other political mountebanks who are supported by the go-left ecosocialist?

Second refusal to play the game of the consensus of the bonpensants.

And here is Trump does it again. Following the incidents at Charlottesville (Virginia), the consensus was forged instantaneously among the media in the pay and the parliamentary underlings. In unison, the political polichinels of the whole world, having received no training, spontaneously sparked the anti-fascist canticle murmured by the eclectic go-left. Even the billionaire Carl Icahn, financial tycoon on Wall Street, the Bush and Clinton families, proved war criminals, fierce anti-Arabs, a supporter of racist Zionism, began the anti-fascist chorus learned during the Second World War when the great international capital immolated 50 million people to determine which faction would have the hegemony over the globalized economy.

Some perspicacious commentators are surprised that these political rapists, who support the fascist-jihadist hordes abroad, are offended at finding them on their parterre in the USA (2).

And now Donald Trump rebels and refuses to play the game of supporters of Churchill, de Gaulle, Stalin and Roosevelt. Does he not understand that the economic crisis, which will intensify a new war, will be necessary; Where it will be necessary to form battalions of workers as cannon flesh for the new virtual trenches of nuclear war; that it will be necessary beforehand to designate and stigmatize an abhorred enemy; then that we must motivate the left and right troops and cause them to kill each other in a great war holocaust to globalize and atomize?

The left-wing and right-wing scapegoats  

To ensure this convoluted scenario, it is necessary to designate nasty scapegoats to the angry crowd (angry for reasons unrelated to the case, but that does not matter); to provoke these scapegoats by suddenly dismantling old rusty statues dating from the Confederate War. Then, to attack these scapegoats demonstrating their hatred against this futile public misdeed (to unbolt a forgotten statue). Finally, some small groups of left-wing bourgeois left-wingers, sponsored, will accredit the operation, envenom the action, exacerbate the animosity, and display their adherence to the democratic “values” shared by Wall Street billionaires (3), Representatives in Congress, their lying media, the Bush and Clinton families, and all the others of the world “progressive” Holy Alliance (sic).

The Charlottesville scam.

Obviously, the head of the White House was expected to play the game of the outraged man who denounced the fascist scapegoats for daring to protest against this fact (to kill a statue in a park). Surely, the reason for the brawl does not matter, it is the campaign of intoxication that follows that matters insofar as each one plays the consensual game. If the President of the United States refuses to play the game then it is much better, his enemies will also unbolt him at the same time. This is where the Charlottesville scam is located. On one side or the other, the Trump puppet is trapped.

The secret of Donald Trump.

A mystery remains, however. Why does the billionaire Donald Trump persist in refusing to play this propaganda game? The electoralist explanation does not satisfy. The supremacists and the KKK do not represent a significant electoral dowry. Moreover, the elections will only take place in three years and the clan of billionaires Democrats, with the unwavering support of the left-reformist US go-left, will not be fooled for a second tour. The fate of the cowboy of New York is sealed, if he goes to the next convention of his party. So, why does this businessman refuse to play the game of consensus for the war? … Unless the pugilat has its own agenda!

The American proletarian class.

The American proletarian class, which has begun its class war for its survival, has nothing to do with the futile malversations of these cowards from left to right. It does not share the “values” of these billionaires liars nor their punchers of terror. The American proletarian class has already signified its refusal of the bourgeois consensus of left and right and refused to participate in the electoral masquerades mediatised (4). The class did not vote, neither for Trump nor for any other abhorred punch. The exploited wage-earning system does not allow itself to be distracted by the manipulated left and continues to concentrate its efforts to fight the disempowered capital and this is very well (5).




Traduction   by  Claudio Buttinelli.  Roma.

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