Do not worry, dear readers, we do not publish this hateful booklet as an apology, but on the contrary to demonstrate that the march to war is in full swing in the West. In Europe and America, the heads of state in the pay of the great imperial capital are at work and are laying their stone to the war building that they are hoping for. Theresa May pursues her diplomatic circus to show that Russia, the eternal enemy, is a state that assassinates the double agents that the United Kingdom cherished, forgetting the genocides which made her the terrible Albion in those countries that were her colonies before being his neocolonies. But for the purposes of diplomatic aggression, the Royal Empire is transformed into an offended victim of the “Russian peril“. In the USA Donald Trump, the “blond jester” continues to build his prison wall against the “chicano peril” on the Mexican border. The US President intensifies his altercations against the “yellow commercial danger” on the Pacific border, without neglecting his support for the “Islamist peril” at work in the Middle East. Now the President Emmanuel Macron – solicited by a set of crazy intellectuals in charge of preparing him in the media the ground – is going to be a refrain against the “Islamic danger“. Supposedly that Macron would have broken the silence (sic) on his totalitarian, “decreed”, demagogic and elitist instincts. As you will see in the pamphlet below, the media practitioners are delighted that Macron has stigmatized “the Islamic hydra” in a new attempt to create the nationalist-chauvinistic unity against the “Arab peril” against the “Muslim peril“. It must be said that unlike the thirties the propaganda campaign does not rise this time and raises no enthusiasm among the populace, too concerned about ensuring its survival in everyday life. However, the proletariat must be wary of these manifestations of nationalistic, chauvinistic, xenophobic and racist hysteria, which for the moment are aimed primarily at the petty-bourgeoisie, but when the living conditions of the vast majority have deteriorated, they will offer as ‘solutions’ to all the ills of capitalism, let us remember the thirties in the West. Macron would have done better to affirm his resolve to stop funding the terrorists who sow death in Syria and then return to the homeland that betrayed them after their failure to “change the Syrian regime against the advice of the Syrians”. Dear readers, make a careful reading of this dish so as to understand the way they go about sowing hatred and preparing the conditions of the war. Robert Bibeau. Publisher

By Christian Rioux. 31.03.2018. On  Le Devoir

The French president will have, thus, broken the heavy silence that he had maintained since his election. On Wednesday, in the courtyard of this military necropolis, paying tribute to Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud BeltrameEmmanuel Macron did not disappoint. He has identified as rarely before he did what he calls “the Islamist hydra” that sows terror in France. These words were expected for months by a majority of French. “It’s not just the terrorist organizations, the Daesh armies, the imams of hate and death that we are fighting”, he said. What we are fighting against is also this underground Islamism […] which, on our soil, is indoctrinated by proximity and corrupts on a daily basis“.

Beautiful words ?

The week before the attack, a hundred intellectuals from all walks of life had signed a platform in Le Figaro denouncing the “Islamist separatism” in which they said of seeing “a new totalitarianism” that “threatens the freedom in general”. On the eve of the speech, even a leftist newspaper like Le Monde (sic) called Islamism  as the “Macron’s blind spot“. And the journalist to ask: “[…] is the silence of Emmanuel Macron tenable?”

However, the dust of speech was not dropped that we learned that the Minister of the Interior, Gerard Collomb, had just reached agreement with that of the Cults in Algeria, Mohamed Aïssa, for the arrival in France of one hundred imams Algerians on the occasion of Ramadan. Ministers say they will be handpicked. But no one has any illusions about religious coming from a country where atheists are persecuted, where apostasy can be punished by five years in prison and girls are murdered because they do not wear the veil (and here is M. Rioux who drew up the indictment of the Algerian society, as seen on this side of the Mediterranean by a bobo of the Parisian newspapers. Editor’s note)

In June 2017, during a meeting with the French Council of Muslim worship, Emmanuel Macron had however explained that he wanted to end the arrival in France of foreign imams. This example raises the whole question of the government’s “indecision” on a subject in which the French are waiting for concrete action. (Mr. Rioux assumes the authority to declare what “the French” are waiting … Which French expect more xenophobia? Editor’s note.)

Because, beyond the exceptional courage of Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Beltrame, the Trèbes massacre was felt as an admission of helplessness. It took only a few hours to learn that, like so many others, the jihadist was stuck S (for “state security”) since 2014. An appointment was even planned with him in the coming weeks (good note … a convocation that sounds like the awakening of a dormant, Editor’s note).

As the months pass, the Islamic State group has been defeated in Syria, but the French realize that the terrorist threat is not weakening (precisely Mr. Rioux why not expose to the readers what was the role of the French state in this affair of Islamic State – DAESH? Editor’s note).

The daily Le Monde revealed this week that between that of Trèbes and the previous one, in Marseilles on October 1st, the intelligence services had foiled not less than six projects of attack. Among those who have failed, those who have succeeded or who have been thwarted, France will have known no less than two projects of attack per month for a year. However, a recent study by the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI) confirms it, the typical profile of the jihadist is quite easy to draw. This is usually a young suburban poor who spawned petty crime. It is often a chronic offender. French or not, he usually comes from a Maghrebi family of Muslim faith. In many cases, his name is known to the intelligence services. Their effectiveness is not in question because, on 78 projects of attack from the beginning of the Syrian conflict, 50 were able to be thwarted.

So, what to answer to the 58% of French people who think that the president and the prime minister do not do everything against the terrorist threat? They are also 83% to demand the expulsion of foreign S files. And 87% to plead for a form of administrative detention of the most dangerous, as proposed by Republicans Laurent Wauquiez who accuses Macron of “naivety”. The French right continues to claim this measure despite the fact that on December 17, 2015, the Council of State had recalled that “no one can be arbitrarily detained” and that any law to intern the people called “radicalized” would be found unconstitutional. Not to mention the opposition of intelligence officials, for whom the ability to follow S-files remains an important source of information. ( What do these statistics say? That the work of formatting the public opinion is going well – but also that the indoctrination is not enough since Mr. Rioux despairs of seeing Macron launch the anathema against the “Islamist peril” Editor’s note)

To ban the Salafism?

This week, the former Prime Minister Manuel Valls added by proposing to openly prohibit the Salafism. This would allow, he says, to more easily close the mosques that propagate this extreme form of Islam as well as to imprison or expel those who claim it. Manuel Valls had nevertheless found it impossible to implement such a ban when he was prime minister. “These [Salafist] organizations know perfectly well how to escape justice by concealing their true nature”, he declared in 2015. “As you are aware that the freedom of conscience in France is a fundamental freedom, consecrated by all our principles and texts. “Without resorting to new laws, French courts could nevertheless prohibit the foreigners who commit serious crimes or misdemeanors from the French territory”, says Thibault de Montbrial, president of the Internal Security Reflection Center. We must remember that Ahmed Hanachi, who killed two girls in front of the Saint-Charles railway station in Marseille in October, was indicted for illegal carrying of weapons, drug trafficking and shoplifting. While her deportation had been requested several times, it was never enforced. (This is the kind of comment that the petty bourgeoisie and the booby-boozers appreciate and which invites us to participate in the “debate” on a few details but which is only intended to make us accept the xenophobic and racist premise of the discussion. Editor’s note)

In Le Figaro, Montbrial points out that Norway has just adopted the principle of deprivation of nationality for terrorists who hold a dual nationality. In France, the former President Francois Hollande had proposed a similar measure after the bombing of the Bataclan. But he had to face the sling of his own party. Some also point out that after the attacks in Brussels, the authorities had decreed a tight re-examination of all the authorizations concerning the hundreds of non-profit organizations in Molenbeek, a Brussels neighborhood plagued by Islamism. (No Mr. Rioux, plagued by misery, unemployment, the underworld, drugs and the prostitution of minors, all what accompanies the racial ghettos. Editor’s note)

A neighborhood in secession

The reporters who went there say that Radouane Lakdim has grown up in a neighborhood that is nothing like Molenbeek. For years, governments have indeed spent tens of millions of euros for the renovation of the Ozanam district of Carcassonne. Immediately after the attack, however, the journalists were violently greeted by young people who applauded the murders of their former coreligionist. The French press describes a place where the police are regularly threatened and can not intervene. An area where, in 2013, an arson had nearly destroyed the chapel and where the car clogging is usual. Residents testify to a daily life where a minority of small traffickers, of which Lakdim was a part, took power.

Since his election, Emmanuel Macron has carefully avoided addressing these delicate issues. The same people who praised his speech to the disabled today demand that he gets out of the limelight and clarifies his positions on the sources and causes of terrorism. The excellent political scientist Olivier Duhamel summed up the question quite well in Liberation: “This is a subject on which we would like to finally hear Emmanuel Macron explain in detail his doctrine: how, in the test of the attacks, reconcile national unity, secularism and communitarianism?” (Macron should then explain how and why the state of the rich is the source of the terrorism that it uses to maintain the governance over the resources of society. Editor’s note).

Robert Bibeau

Robert Bibeau is a journalist, specialist in Marxist political economy and proletarian activist for 40 years.

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Democracy in the United States

The electoral masquerades


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Taking for example the endless United States electoral campaign of 2016, we demonstrate, supporting facts, that the bourgeois “democratic” elections – no matter that they are orchestrated and treated discreetly or obviously – are fundamentally anti-labor and aim only at strengthening “the Welfare state” for the rich. They aim only at disarming and at compromising the proletarian class and at inciting him to put back its fate in the hands of the fetish State, the central top management of the big capital. We shall see that the bourgeois democracy is a delusion to distract the proletarian class of its historic mission.



Robert Bibeau was militant in left groups in the 70s-80s, then union activist in the 90s. Now he is the publisher of the international webmagazine  and published several works among which National Question and proletarian revolution under the modern imperialism (Harmattan, 2017).  Dowload National Question free here:                           




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An electoral campaign for the US presidential election officially begins in February of the election year while the ballot takes place in November. An electoral fair always begins with the preparation of the electorate by the electoral machinery of the main candidates, the third parties serving to assert or repel. An electoral campaign is not about letting voters choose a candidate, but about telling voters what candidate they want. To achieve this, an impressive arsenal of propaganda is set in motion in which several hundred million dollars are squandered. No one will be surprised to learn that “A Gallup poll realized in February 2016 indicated that 76% of US people are dissatisfied for the way in which the policy is going in their country“, euphemism for describing the convulsive resentment of Americans as well the nutty bourgeois class; the impoverished petty bourgeoisie; the precarious proletarian class; as well as the poor and disadvantaged sections of society. (…)                                                                   Be despoiled by a prosperous master who drops it out of his charity table some crumbs to be shared – it can always be tolerated -, but to be expropriated by an indebted,  pretentious, arrogant and incompetent banker, this is too much. The former allies distance themselves more and more openly and strike the pose that suits them, that of claiming the quarry.  Here is drawing on the horizon the displayed or hidden defection of allies. The Trump militarist clique is supposed to sort out the mess. (…) What remain to discover to these proletarian of the misery is that if inadvertently one of those admirers of the establishment reached the nirvana of the presidency at the White House, in the Oval Office, he could not change anything, or to solve not the systemic problems of the bankrupt capitalism. Indeed, the problems of America and the capitalist world are not caused by bad governance of a Democratic team compared to a Republican team, or Social Democrat (Bernie Sanders), Socialist or even Communist (!) as demonstrated by so many rigged elections in other countries. (…)  The Democratic Party’s establishment took no risks and the organizers rigged the results of the primaries in favor of their favorite. It was on the right flank of the electoral circus that the fight occurred. A so called atypical candidate acts his own way and threatens to seize the presidential post office, without being submitted to the Executive Board of the Republican faction – the other face of the electoral alternation farce -. This star candidate had run the Primaries marathon without having obtained the approval of the majority of his peers. (…)                                                                                 The average observer had not be fooled by the media campaign or by the screams of the pathetic go-left and feminists in service, these useful idiots whose mission was precisely to accredit this nonsense in order to provide the candidate with the maximum support of all those who hate the bureaucracy of Washington and the bourgeois state. Donald Trump continued his drive toward the Republican nomination because a whole reactionary and militarist faction of the capitalist class granted him a conditional support. Donald Trump has never been isolated, contrary to what intellectuals and accredited journalists suggested. (…)

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