What’s new in US military and nuclear policy released by the Pentagon on Friday, February 2? (1)


– An increase in US military spending, a “Déjà vu” (2)

– The development of new tactical nuclear weapons of limited capacity and limited scope.

– The threat of using these lethal nuclear weapons against a non-nuclear state.

– The threat of using these lethal weapons, the first (and no longer in response to a nuclear attack) and against any country wherever it is on the planet.


Which countries are targeted by the American government by this new bellicose policy?

– Russia as an energy supplier and armed arms of China’s economic and financial superpower, its ally (3).

– China as America’s first competing economic – financial – stock market and military power.

– North Korea as an ally and proxy battleground between the two giants seeking the global hegemony.

– Iran as a hydrocarbon supplier to China and as a recalcitrant state defying US hegemonic aims.

 Thus Iran refuses to make the US dollar the sole currency of its international trade.

The European Union, allied of the United States, who receives this ultimatum “You are with us in this nuclear warlike adventure or you are against us!  However, the European states are likely to be on the front line again as in the two previous world wars and it is not at all certain that the globalized European Grand Capital wants to play the Turkish head for a third consecutive time.

– All countries of the world, big and small, allies or enemies of the United States, which the Pentagon threatens, thus, nuclear retaliation if they dare to resist its deleterious hegemony.

The same American people, if not in response to the growing misery he dared to resist and revolt against his captors.


Why is this new militarist policy unveiled at this time? What are the US looking for today?

– The American financial establishment and an important group of generals are at bay, because they are aware of the economic collapse of America. The dollar is threatened and through it the whole rickety scaffold of the American economy. The debt is stunning, the titanic and recurring trade deficit, the real unemployment is astounding and the poverty spreads, the tangible social tensions and the made casual society is about to burst. Our webmagazine publishes a series of articles describing the poverty which spreads

– As we say for a year, Donald Trump is not an isolationist but a globalist (4). The United States is currently renegotiating all its trade treaties with its partners and immediate competitors. The tricks of Donald the scarecrow are only intended to condition the competing governments.

– This widely publicized public announcement of a new bellicose policy aims to intimidate the bourgeoisies around the world so that they bow, keep the dollar as the main currency of international trade, and submit to US trade dictates (example for the Canada in NAFTA, that it renounces supply management, etc.)


What can be the consequences of this new military and nuclear policy?

– This announcement can only encourage the opposing side, China – Russia – Iran in particular, to get closer and to embark on an arms race, which can only be a waste of resources which will accentuate the economic problems that always generate these unproductive expenditures (rising budget deficit, increasing debt, shifting global investments from the social sphere to the unproductive military sphere, general strike and protest, etc.)

– This announcement has already had the effect of encouraging the rearmament of European countries which for some have just announced the growth of their military budget. Not to mention that the Atlantic Alliance (NATO) will be weakened following this American formal notice to the European chancelleries who are no longer in the desperate situation of the Marshall PlanThe European Union is de facto the world’s leading economic and trading power. She may remember it and tense up in front of an ally more and more agitate.

– Many countries already nuclearized, and others not yet nuclearized will be pushed to equip themselves with nuclear weapons so as to protect themselves in the event of an American blackmail to the nuclearization of an aggression.

– In short, as we have been saying for some time, this policy is dangerously close to a third world war – despite utopian pacifist literary hacks. See our articles on this theme:


Can the United States achieve its strategic goals with this new military and nuclear policy?

– None. This policy of nuclear threat is the logical continuation of the policy of military threat that the United States has been applying since the birth of that power in the eighteenth century. We must not forget that this imperialist country is in perpetual war on one continent or another since its appearance.

The United States has hardly ever been at peace. People thought that having been thrashed by their paid jihadist mercenaries in Iraq and Syria, the Pentagon would have understood and withdrawn its contingent of support for ISIS pseudo-Islamists. The US administration has just announced that its troops will occupy Syria for an indefinite time, as in Afghanistan or yet their occupation soldiers are confined to a small perimeter in Kabul, justifying the killings of the Taliban.

– The US “defense” budget is the largest in the world since the end of the Second World War, and yet, since their defeat in Vietnam (1973), the United States has practically never won a war and only manages to kill civilians in large numbers and get bogged down. The more money they inject into the armament, the less these expenses are effective. The problem of the US military is not its insufficient armament, it is the American soldiers who no longer have the heart to fight for the potentates of Wall Street.

– In short, this new nuclear policy is the result of the escalation of despair on the part of the American financial establishment which notes the eminent collapse of its decadent economic and financial system and can not help but resist its collapse.

– Despite the sacrifices that the American capitalist class imposes on the American proletariat, and global, America’s economy is not competitive and collapses as new contenders for hegemony, first economic, political and military then (China and its allies VS European Union) advance to dismiss them.



The United States of America is in the position of the British Empire after the Second World War. The Empire, on which the sun never set, had two choices in the face of competition from its American ally: resist and confront it, dragging the world into a new war of Apocalypse; or to fold, to rank, to negotiate a privileged position in the post-British world economy, which gave the City. Unfortunately, unlike the British, it is unlikely that US capital will resign itself to this eventuality.



  1. The United States wants to acquire new low-power nuclear weapons in response to the rearmament of Russia, according to the new “nuclear posture” released on Friday by the Pentagon. These new weapons, which cause experts to fear a revival of proliferation and a higher risk of nuclear conflicts, represent a “response to the expansion of Russia’s [nuclear] capabilities”, has indicated to the press Greg Weaver, person in charge of the strategic capacities in the American Top Management».



Traduction   by  Claudio Buttinelli.  Roma




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