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According to the “Coalition”, the terrorists will control the Syrian border!?

On Monday, January 15, 2018, the imperialist “Coalition” against the Islamic State

(IS), led by the United States, announced that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the YPG and the YPJ, various Kurdish militias, chartered by these same imperialist powers to dismember Syria and Iraq, “will control the borders with the international coalition led by the United States” (1). It is as if Donald Trump announced that the illegal Mexican migrants would henceforth be in charge of the surveillance of the Mexico-United States border (!)

Pseudo struggle of “national liberation” under neocolonial supervision.

For months, the proofs accumulate in the effect that the so-called “struggle of Kurdish national liberation” for the defense of “the right of the Kurdish people to self-determination” (sic) is a subversive tool conceived and promoted by the Western imperialist clan. (US, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Israel) in order to continue their war of aggression in the Middle East despite the defeat of their jihadist mercenaries of the Islamic State – DAESH – and Al-Qaeda in Syria and Iraq where they began the second phase of their imperial war aimed at weakening the Russo-Chinese-Iranian alliance (2).

For this second phase of their aggression the Western capitalist states first rescued the remnants of their so-called jihadist mercenaries (fake racist name) and stole them in the pseudo Kurdish entities of “Rojava” (3) and of “Iraqi Kurdistan” around Erbil,

the patented capital of the future “liberated” puppet state, planned by the Pentagon (4), where already some military training camps are in operation, funded by some Persian Gulf states, but whose stewardship is ensured by American, French, British and Israeli troops. The mercenaries of the “Kurdish” YPG, in the pay of the French army, contrary to what some French Marxist-Leninist communist groups claim, have the mission to provide a populist left-wing “cover up” to Western imperialist schemes (5).

The second round of the imperialist war in Syria-Iraq.

After having crushed the Islamic State (DAESH), some governments, particularly Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Lebanon, are threatened by a new specter, that of the Kurdish chauvinist nationalist bourgeoisie commissioned by Western powers in order to constitute the auxiliary to the squalid DAESH. The grand capital intends to exploit the autonomist claims of the Kurdish bourgeoisie eager to seize the surplus value produced by the workers which are working in the hydrocarbon industry. The fragile foundation of the “claims” of the Kurdish bourgeoisie is based on the history of feudalism in this country, when the affiliation to the nurturing land entailed the affiliation to an ethnical foundation of the relations of production of the agrarian, rural mode of production and of feudal serfdom. Of course, with the industrialization and modern urbanization, around mines, hydrocarbons, and trade, as well as the multiple travels of the numerous peoples having passed in transit and\or populated these regions it became impossible to draw the geographical outlines of the passages/brewing of these multiple ethnic groups having for the most part chosen to become integrated into a particular state nation, matrix of the construction of the bourgeois democratic States having accompanied, there as somewhere else, the expansion of the financed industrial –urban capitalist mode of production.

These new capitalist states, born after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire (1917), hastened, like the capitalist states of the whole world, to erect national borders to the shelter of which they consolidated their bourgeois power over the all of the multiethnic proletariats so that today an Iranian Kurdish worker will be Iranian before being Kurdish and the more time passes, the assimilation helping, the less he is Kurdish and the more he becomes international proletarian in every way similar to the other proletarians of the region by its way of life and its mentality, as moreover in the nation-states of the West and the East.

“Remake”, a “Kurdish national home” after the “Jewish national home” (sic).

Here, the US and French Presidencies, each on their own, would like to redo the history and force the creation of a “Kurdish national home” (after the maltreatment of the “Jewish national home” (sic) in Palestine), around Erbil and Raqqa, an Arab Syrian city as emphasized by René Naba: “Under the guise of contact with the Syrian President, France is planning indeed to build a” state” in Raqqa, under Kurdish control, in line with its the balkanization policy of the Arab world inaugurated in the twentieth century by the Sykes-Picot agreements“(6). The least of the absurdities is not only Raqqa or Erbil or the region Rojava” have never been predominantly Kurdish as pointed out by Tierry Meyssan in his text “A Kurdish State without Kurds” (7).

Worse, as René Naba points out, “Long is the list of Syrian leaders, of Kurdish ethnicity, whose contribution was decisive in contemporary times to the defense of Syria and the promotion of the theses of Arab nationalism” (8). And let’s remember that in 1947-1948, the go-left supported the construction of a “racist Jewish national home” on the lands of the Palestinian people. Seventy years later, the go-left is relying on the opportunist and reformist, anti-proletarian trifle of the so-called “national liberation of the oppressed Kurdish people” (9).

Nationalist questions are bourgeois, anti-proletarian questions.

In short, there is no Kurdish national question, no more than a “Jewish” national question, each regional group having joined the country whose borders were imposed by the European colonizers at the end of the First World War. We could say the same about the so-called religious oppositions between Shiite, Alawite, Sunni, Catholic, Orthodox, Maronite, Druze, and Jew, etc. a remnant of the old mode of feudal production being extinguished in this region subject to pressure from the international imperialist petrodollars, and threatened tomorrow to be the object of the world pressures of the Chinese petro-yuan, the rising imperialist power.

Let us return to the chauvinistic nationalist claims of the extremely wealthy Barzani, whom the imperialist powers present today as the “father” of the oppressed Kurdish nation after having denied the existence of this nation like dozens of others in these thousand-year-old lands of passage and ethnic admixture. For months, he and his mercenary clan Peshmerga are portrayed as oppressed in the midst of Arab lands where they have lived for centuries (10). We had denounced this sudden suspicious solicitude on the part of American and French war criminals and we had denounced the imperialist malpractices resurging the reactionary nationalism, and now that since the agitations that shake Iran, we now know one of the tactical objectives of this puppet state in creation (11). The CIA has established training camps from which its jihadist mercenaries are being recycled as agitators and breakers infiltrated into the demonstrations in Iran (12). Or, the FDS terrorists will become border guards in Syria (13).


We, revolutionary proletarians, refuse to mobilize us to serve the aggressive aims of the Western imperialist camp and its nationalistic chauvinistic and racist Kurdish, or Arab (see in Libya), or Jewish, etc. scheming. Just as we refuse to join forces in favor of the Iranian-Russian clan. We simply say, “Foreign powers and bribed mercenaries out of these lands“. No more than the so-called “humanitarian” wars are justified, the chauvinist national wars are legitimate. The governance of nation states in the Middle East is the business of the peoples of every country in the Middle East, until the revolutionary world proletariat eliminates these national borders of another age.


establishing a “Jewish National Home in Palestine”, the creation of the “State of Greater Lebanon”, the amputation of Syria from the district of Alexandrette and its attachment to Turkey, finally, the Israel’s endowment of the atomic potential at Dimona, under the government of Pierre Mendès France in 1955, de facto placing the Arab-Israeli negotiations on the unequal relationship of the Israeli atomic threat. If in the twentieth century, France made a gift to Turkey, its enemy of the first world war of a Syrian territory, its project, in the twenty-first century, is mainly directed against Syria, certainly, but also against Turkey, its partner in the dismemberment war of the Syrian state, conducted under cover of the “Arab Spring“.


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