It is difficult to interpret the international politics in this agitated world and in great danger. The European war does not dissolve in Ukraine and drags on in Syria, Iraq, Yemen. Afghanistan is still occupied by the US and resists, while Africa is at fire and blood. North Korea is threatened and does not let it be imposed, and here is Uncle Sam, who was managing in Venezuela, raises the tone and threatens to intervene openly – militarily – in this country where two factions of national capital clash as in several countries in the bogus process of “national liberation“(1).

To understand this world upside down, it is better to know the underside of the cards rather than to be manipulated by the media in the pay which presents us the cards that the big capital spreads – outdated.

The economy determines the political authority.

It must know that the economics determines the politics and rarely the reverse. Thus, the economic crisis of 2008 has not yet been resolved, and is still causing its misdeeds despite – or because of – the accumulation of fantstic profits on the stock exchanges of the world (2). For example, a Pentagon report “concludes that there has been a breakdown, and perhaps even the collapse of the international order established after the Second World War by the US, which leads to the loss of their position of “primacy” in world affairs“(3).

In the last instance, it is the armies that guarantee the credibility of the currency and the finances of a country. This means that when nothing goes financially, it remains the option of militarily intimidating its competitors. It was to impose this militaristic policy that Donald Trump was placed at the head of the White House. The proof is that the US President recently declared: “We owe $ 1700 billion to China and we will not pay anything for it. We are more powerful than them and we will force them to do what we want in connection with North Korea. They will do what they are told to do or they will be atomized”. A real declaration of war against China, the real target behind the North Korean scarecrow.

The Pentagon’s report confirms this: “The solution proposed to protect the power of the US in this new” postprime “environment is, however, still more of the same thing: more surveillance, more propaganda (“Strategic manipulation of perception”), and more military expansionismThe document concludes that the world has entered a new phase of transformation in which the power of the US is declining, the international order is disintegrating, and the authority of governments is collapsing everywhere “(4).

So, while the US economy is booming military spending, the United States spends as much on armament and war as its ten closest competitors put together are $ 600 billion in 2016 and an additional $ 54 billion in 2017 and 2018. Despite this tangible financial the US manage to sow chaos wherever they interfere, and since the Vietnam War in 1975 they have lost all their military engagements. De facto.

The EU is hoping for an American stalemate in Korea, Iran and Venezuela.

The European economic and political powers are not afraid of a confrontation between Washington and Pyongyang, on the contrary, without saying they are happy that Donald Trump is embarking on this dead end, threatening North Korea and thus engages China as its true enemy. Then, the United States will find itself confronted directly with China and for once the war will take place far from Europe. The great European capital, like the US before, is seen playing the bully boy, the savior of impasse and supplier of arms to the two belligerents.

Contrary to the pretensions of experts and analysts, we must not believe that war and peace depend on the “humours” of megalomaniac politicians. A political puppet is still under the control of his bosses of boards. Contrary to what the propagandists claim, the United States of America does not lack competent diplomats pretending to negotiate with their enemies and competitors. There are other reasons for the ongoing war that the US has in the world and with small North Korea (allied with the Pekingese imperialist camp) who did not let themselves be imposed.

Pyongyang shouting history to make the United States understand that their plan to sow chaos in this region of Asia, in order to provoke the Chinese competitor and enemy, will not be any rest. However, we would like Pyongyang to lower the tone and understand that overdoing it is worse than doing nothing. The US is doing what they do everywhere else – extending the swan song of declining power.

Iran and Venezuela.

The aggressive denunciation of the agreements with Iran, located on the western side of China in the process of encirclement, is part of the same tactic in which the United States tries to get out of the monetary and financial impasse in which they get tangled up and threaten the world of the apocalypse if the world imperialist powers abandon the petrodollar.

Similarly, in Venezuela, Washington does not threaten this country to make a diversion, but because the Atlantic imperialist Alliance demands that the dominant power put an end to this denial of authority vis-a-vis the great Western capital; that the Venezuelan oil wells should be returned in their entirety to the private owners and that this squandering of public funds cease to provide services to the destitute of the Barrios. The Bolivarian experience has gone on long enough, think the great world capitalists who appeal to the American imperialist police (5). What can the Bolivarian and world left do in the face of big capital? It is agitated and cries out for injustice and denial of “democracy”, but is not the return to power of the right-wing faction of capital after a period of power to the left-wing faction, have known or will know all countries of the hemisphere (Chile, Nicaragua, Brazil, Bolivia and others)?

The evil is profound and its manifestations is expanding.

Again, the Pentagon’s report on the world situation in this end of American hegemony very lucidly emphasizes that “All States and existing structures of political authority are under increasing pressure from exogenous (external) and endogenous (internal to the social structure) forces. The disintegration of the post-Cold War world system is accompanied by an internal erosion of the political, social and economic fabric in virtually all states“(6). We can even assert that the United States and the powers of the imperialist camp of the West did not win the Cold War, but that the more vulnerable Soviet imperialist camp collapsed first, while the Western imperialist camp, engaged on the same slippery slope, simply slowed down its fall by absorbing the economies of these “communist” countries (sic) in systemic crisis of capitalism. Their last absorption is the immense Maoist China, finally out of feudalism, the last asset that can delay the complete degradation of this dying mode of production.

This is the vision of the world proletarian class about the economic crisis, the social and political turmoil that is shattering this petrified and condemned world. Quickly, “let’s make a clean sweep” and build a new mode of production on new social bases.


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(2017)  National Question and Proletarian Revolution.  ENGLISH BOOK  FREE  (HERE)   ET ITALIAN BOOK  (ICI GRATUITEMENT EN TÉLÉCHARGEMENT.  Robert Bibeau.

Traduction   by  Claudio Buttinelli.  Roma.

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