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When reality goes beyond fiction.

A confession to begin with. Last week in our editorial (http://www.les7duquebec.com/7-au-front/enfin-la-mascarade-electorale-francaise-tire-a-sa-fin/) we had underestimated both the machiavelism of the great French capital and the extent of the upheaval that it is about to be made. This error is due to the fact that we have abandoned our fundamental reference, the class struggle, which structures and organizes the whole economic, social, political and ideological activity of French capitalist society as well as of all other capitalist globalized societies. Thus, the populist reformist candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon was not the best protagonist to oppose the populist reformist Marine Le Pen, but on the contrary the worst choice.

Indeed, the two candidates presented a similar program and garnered their support in the same basins of suffragettes and popular voters. The impoverished populace and the petty bourgeoisie undergoing impoverishment under the austerity policies of bankrupt capitalist governments.

In short, exactly the same electoral clientele that elected the American minion Donald Trump a hundred days before.

The French employers, more clever and mischievous than ourselves, were well-versed in these centuries-old electoral tricks, though they had indicated (through the convoluted polls) his preference for a class-to-class confrontation provoking the confrontation of France from above, between a regular customer of Fouquet’s, former banker of the house Rothschild, ex “innovative”finance minister of François Hollande the “reformer” (sic), in short, a remake of Sarkozy (2007), including the indecent jubilation of bankers, and stock market speculators displaying on the stock market their arrogant contentment to the face of the bereaved populace

(https://www.marianne.net/economie/bourse-les-banques-galvanisees-par-la-victoire-de -macron).

What a contrast, right in front, Marine, the mother of needy family (sic), who from the family residence humbly resumes the path of the electoral pilgrimage, early in the morning in Bully-les-Mines, commonly affected by globality, displaying proudly its 41% of support to the patriot candidate of the “enraged France“. Without ever explicitly asserting it, the great French capital exposes via its media France from below in all its desolation and progressively associates this image of misery with the lady Le Pen, the French Angela Merkel who tomorrow will have the task of leading this electorate from below to the supreme sacrifice for the salvation of the fatherland of France from above – because the French Nation was never that of the proletarians or the saquered workers, but always that of the France of the privileged. You understand the Machiavellian swindle plotted by the big capital… to give to the heroine of France from below the task of leading the insane persons to save France from above… it was not so during the first two world wars.

Macron, the renewed and improved banker.

Political life is hard for the go-left, the bobos and the petty bourgeois of the NGO industry and the parliamentary political industry. Here is a fraction of the great French capital places them bluntly before a Cornelian dilemma. On the right, a young stalwart – ex-Rothschild banker – supported by almost all the old politician scum, which the French people fired in the first round of the presidential elections, but that is clinging to the permanence of ‘On the march‘ to reserve his place before the legislative elections, the following sequence of the electoral masquerade in the tetanized hexagon.

To the right of the capitalist electoralist chessboard, a representative “gatherer” of capital and unbridled globalization; a defender of free trade, industrial relocations and the destruction of jobs; a lover of the euro and a loyal companion of the European Union of bankers. Macron is a fierce supporter of the Macron-El-Khomri laws, to the ten power, he has promised. Macron, he is the henchman of retirement at 62; of pension funds robbed by his friends the bankers, and the champion of the social problems, that 43% of the French executives have acclaimed him in the first round of the presidential elections. They plan to do better in the second round. This ex-PS minister claims to have gathered, appeased and reconciled the workers and the bosses, the cadres and their subordinates, but in the light of his program it is the social and labor-union barricades that prepares the beautiful Brummell de la Rotonde.

Marine Le Pen ostracized it for better imposed.

Facing the banker, the great French capital wants to stigmatize Lucifer reincarnated in the body of a woman, president of the National Front, that 35% of the workers (who voted) have supported and that as few as 4% of the executives have elected. She is against the El-Khomri Act; against the savage globalization; against the Euro and against the Europe of bankers. She is favorable to the nation, and she is for the defense of France, her native land (what she interests the big capital). She wants to get France out of NATO. She proposes the retirement at age 60 and the defense of pension plans. She is carrying a heavy handicap however, she is called Le Pen and she runs the FN whose new cadres threaten the old politician scum, fired during the first round of presidential elections, but who refused to leave the scene before the legislative elections. The old political scum – in defense of his prebends – forbids the clerical petty bourgeoisie and the bribed NGOs to support this program that would seem written by Jean-Luc Mélenchon. All these ENA alumni recycled in the “Macron Improved” have rallied always ready to cash their address book against a good Fillon sinecure.

The alienated and pre-programmed go-left.

To what power of alienating radiation was subjected a petty-bourgeois of the go-left to develop this Pavlovian reflex in front of the National Front until not knowing to recognize a social-democratic program borrowed from the reformist left? To the left-wing activist who would tell me that Lady Le Pen will never be able to deliver this chauvinistic social program, which is nothing but a bunch of pious wishes, an unrealistic utopia under capitalism, I would say this is an excellent reason not to participate in this electoral circus as the majority of the workers will do. As regards the Macron’s program, it is equally illusory, and the social resistance, which will raise, will be so great that the “rallyer” will be dismissed after his first term. These times, economic crisis requires, the upper middle class burns its foals politicians one term at a time. He must therefore frequently renew his stables. The danger that threatens those who accumulate the real economic, political and ideological powers is that the formula of the candidate “renewed, improved, macroned” will soon be worn out and adulterated, the same for the “Lepennised” candidate.

The proletariat is the first to be disinterested (more than 25% of abstention in the first round), when the petty bourgeois of the “avant-garde left” will have acquired this minimal class consciousness? We must denounce these electoral masquerades, whether it is the formula with eleven candidates or the formula with two contenders.

It is easy to cut the Gordian knot of these wobbly electoral masquerades, it is enough to refrain from participating.

Traduction   by Claudio Buttinelli. Roma.

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