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117,000 views on my official page in 5 days (and it continues to rise)!

Without counting the other pages, blogs, websites of our networks and the pages, blogs of the friends’ sites …

Together we reject the jihadist terrorism and the intellectual terrorism of the cops of NATO’s thinking.

 We are not alone or isolated. You are not alone or isolated.

The dominant ideology is a minority: for example in France with the European elections of 25 May 2014, 60% of the French did not go to vote for the parties of the system. The party of the president is actually 6% of the votes cast, that of Le Pen 11% (including MP Collard who on Monday called on the French authorities to be inspired by the Israeli legislation in the fight against terrorism). And 73 million French did not join ‘Charlie’ Sunday …

 This explains the Dictatorship of the dominant thought and the intellectual terrorism of the SYSTEM made in USA and Atlanticist regimes. With the project of a ” European Patriotic Act” in the way of Bush.

The world of the USA and NATO is the world of “1984” by George Orwell, with its “Newspeak” and “thought police”!

 Together  neither jihadists nor Atlanticist, WE ARE THE THIRD FORCE (*)!


 (*) Read: The ‘Charlie’ affair: We are the third force!




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