Hacked WSJ page ‘downs’ US president’s plane in Russia


Published time: July 20, 2014 20:05

 fino a che punto ci si deve spingere per avviare la TERZA GUERRA MONDIALE???

Per chi non legge l’inglese: sul WSJ qualche hacker è riuscito ad inserire la “breaking news” che l’aereo di Obama era caduto in Russia. Sembra che sia una guerra su tutti i fronti ormai.

Air Force One (Reuters / Jonathan Ernst)

Air Force One (Reuters / Jonathan Ernst)

Hackers broke into the Wall Street Journal’s Facebook page to claim that Air Force One possibly crashed over the Russian airspace rattling users’ nerves.

While the world is still recovering from the shock of the Malaysia Airlines plane crash, a message on WSJ’s Facebook page posted on Sunday morning came as yet even a worse stress for a few readers.

The fake “breaking news” report suggested that the American president’s plane went down in Russia.

US Air Force One crash feared as air traffic controller loses contact with pilot over Russian air space,” read one of the posts on WSJ’s page.

The message, shared by over 300 users, was followed by another false announcement:

To readers’ relief in a message posted 20 minutes later, the American newspaper said that its page was hacked and that it was looking into the incident.

Two previous “breaking news” posts were deleted, but several users made screenshots of a likely hackers’ attack.

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