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This October 25, 2013, Cyrenaica gets its own government and its flag. Black with white crescent and star, a clear Islamist inspiration (flags of al -Qaida or the Salafists are of the same type ) …

 The oil-rich Libyan region of Cyrenaica announced the formation of its own government . A cabinet of 24 ministers was presented in al-Adabiya, the former capital of the once independent state.

 Under the Gaddafi’s Jamahiriya, the three provinces of colonialism – Tripolitania , Cyrenaica and Fezzan – had been replaced by 22 ‘mega’ autonomous municipalities, regional bases of the Jamahiri Direct Democracy, copied from the Paris Commune of 1792 to 1793 ( Gaddafi being a great admirer of the Jacobin revolution ) , the ‘Chabiattes’. In Libya made ​​in NATO after 2011, the three provinces were restored. And in Benghazi, radicals speak of ‘federalism’ since the first days of the February 2011 coup.

 The so-called “revolt against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi ” – actually an insurrectionary coup organized by the U.S. and NATO with complicity in the Islamic-liberal wing appeared in the Jamahiriya from 2003 – began precisely in Cyrenaica by the establishment of a National Transitional Council in Benghazi. Eastern Cyrenaica ( Benghazi, Derah ) was from the 80’s a rebel zone where Islamists organized subversion fueled especially by the British secret services MI6 and MI5 from London, the capital of Islamist “Londonistan”. In 1996 broke out a large armed uprising crushed with difficulty.

 After the capture of Tripoli and the martyrdom of Sirte – the Libyan ‘Guernica’ – by NATO and its proxy jihadists of the NT , Cyrenaica had proclaimed its independence, which has not been recognized by the authorities of Tripoli. Behind this autonomy, the Libyan monarchists, driven away by Gaddafi and his revolution of 1th September 1969, hand-held directly by the British MI6 .

 And with the monarchists, the famous “Senussi brotherhood” (close to the Turkish Islamic religious brotherhoods that form the basis of the AKP), the puppet King Idris driven out in 1969 was a Senussi. And the leader of the new “autonomous Cyrenaica” of 2013 is still a Senussi, the king’s cousin .

 As for the leader of the NTC, Mustapha Abdeljalil (now on the run in Tunisia because indicted for the murder in July 2011 of the traitorous General Yunis, Chief of the katibas of the NTC) , he was a radical Islamist imprudently placed in the government as Minister of Justice of the Jamahiriya by Sail al -Islam , and … one of the leaders of these Senussi brotherhoods, banned under Gaddafi. The Jamahiriya was betrayed from within by its Islamic-liberal wing well before NATO gives the death blow …

 Today, the price of this betrayal is the Somaliazation of Libya !




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